Merta and his buddies from the Atman Café in Ubud

It all started when...

The original plan was to move to Australia, travel around, shoot pictures and find new inspirations for my both activities as photographer and communication trainer
But sometime, plans change due to "accidents" and this one hit me so hard that I just didn't know anymore what to do about my life. It took me a while to get back on my feet (and to be honest, I will probably still need some time though) but I decided that I had to do something, build something with it. 
Due to the fact that I already quit my company, quit my flat, left my belongings in a storage somewhere in Switzerland and even gave back my almost 30 years old working permit, the opportunity was too big not to accomplish what many people dream about their entire life, but never ever try: TRAVELING THE WORLD!

So I took my first flight ticket to Valencia, Spain, to visit the friends met when I lived there some years ago. We spent 10 days walking down the beach, eating good food, drinking good wine, talking a lot and trying to find which step would be the next.

The idea became then clearer, why not just and simply following intuitions, letting life being a surprise? Why not planning each destination one after the other, spontaneously, based on people met in each places, taking the time to stay longer in case meeting someone you want to stay longer with. Giving people a bit of time, enjoying the moment, sharing experiences, trying to find simple things to give, to make someone happy (a picture, a drawing, a meal, a drink, time, whatever the situation will show). Why not going to places you always thought you'd never go to, just to change your mind and your opinion about it.

And while on the road, it then and also appeared extremely important to step out of the whole social media tsunami we are all drowning in. So I did, deactivated all my accounts on facebook, instagram and co. 
Have you ever observed people in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? or in the rice fields of Bali? on the beach by sunset? A few years ago they all took the time to face the scene, sit, watch, enjoy and share. Now, many of them turn their back to it, pull their strange peace of metal, this selfie stick, clip their phone in it, arrange their hair, tilt the head left, then right, turn here, turn there, trying to find THEIR best angle and shoot THEMSELVES in front of IT. What is the purpose of it? Getting more likes? Getting more aknowledgement? 
But surprisingly, on the street, where this recognition would make more sense, no one watch each other anymore.

If you like those pictures, this adventure, just take some time for yourself to travel through it, no need to share it or click any like button (I know it's unexpected while I publish it - but I really mean it), make plans for yourself, realize your dreams, go to places you always wanted to see, discover places you would never have imagined to go to. Don't follow, don't envy, but talk to strangers, smile to them on the street, say to someone you find her beautiful, or you find him handsome. 

So, making long story short, Makasii (or ma'kasih, short way of saying thank you in Indonesian - "Terima Kasih") is my journey as a photographer, traveling the world as a nomad. My way to say THANK YOU to my friends for their support, THANK YOU to all and each person who cross my path.
THANK YOU for your smiles,
THANK YOU for the time spent together,
THANK YOU for the value of what we share together.
To all of you I see every day, for so many unforgettable moments,

Terima Kasih!