Bali - Indonesia 🇲🇨


Step 5 As I took my flight ticket from Istanbul to Singapore, the authorities expected from me a proof that I will leave the country, so I had to organise a flight ticket of any kind. So... I checked what was cheap from SNG and found a flight to Bali (which already was one of the destination I wanted to see) and booked.
What a great decision, what a fantastic experience. Bali simply caught me. Maybe not straight from the very beginning, but after a week, I really fell in LOVE for this Island, its people, its culture, its vibes... the temperature is simply perfect, the nature has a lot to offer, even if there's a lot to do to keep it clean. Our plastic culture has a very bad impact on it. 
But if there's one place I will never ever forget: UBUD, on the mountains, in the middle of the Island, famous for its Monkey Forest, its traffic jams (amazing!!!) and some fabulous places to eat, meditate, relax et totally recharge your batteries.

If you are there, try those of my favorites:
- Yoga Barn - the temple of yoga in Ubud
- Atman Cafe, delicious vegan and vegeterian specialities
- KAFE, a few steps away from Atman but als worth stopping by (and there are some cool shops around) :-)
- Clear Cafe, a little bit outside of the main activities in Ubud, great view, calm and relaxing atmosphere
Monsieur Spoon, the french baker, with fabulous Pains au Chocolat and if Annick is around, say hello from Wayan Olivier :-)
- Monkey Forest, but be careful, they know where you hide your food, sunglasses and hats, once they get them, you'll never see them again!

...and rent a scooter, get lost, ask your way, try the street food by those ladies carrying a red basket full of little plastic bags, on their scooter and honking in the city center. They distribute food to the locals and you'll get a taste of what's real there, totally different than in the restaurant and of one tenth of the price (just be sure to always eat and drink what's cooked, peeled and in closed bottles, just to avoid any risks - for restaurants and street food the same).