Bali, Indonesia, 2nd trip


Step 14 - After 2 months spent in Europe again (France and Switzerland), the trip goes on and back to Bangkok. The idea was to spend more time in Thailand with friends and enjoy Phuket one more time. Unfortunately or fortunately, again, as it's been shown many time in the last few month, plans always presents some necessary changes. The friends in Phuket were not available at that moment, so I decided to improvise, found an interesting deal to Bali and jumped in the next flight to Denpasar Ngurah Rai Airport (DPS). It was also the opportunity to meet an other fantastic person I met last year in Singapore and agreed to join for an adventurous discovery of the beautiful Indonesian Island.

As I arrived and Tigana, my friend driver from Ubud came to pick me up, I realised one more time how amazing is the difference between our western world and Asia. Service, attention, respect, interests, culture, religion, so many differences, so many cultural fireworks. We then went back to Ubud, to see the Melasti (a few days before Silent Day / Nyepi, celebration where the inhabitants go, all dressed in white, to the sea, pray the gods and ask for protection, health and wealth), the Silent day or Nyepi (Balinese's new year, a day without any permission to go out during 24 hours, no cars, no motorbikes, no noise at all. Even the airport is shut down!!! and btw, now it's not 2017 in Bali, it's 1939 - other calendar) and the Ogoh-Ogoh celebration (statues of giants and monsters representing all the negative of life, built to be destroyed and burned the night before silent day).
We then Drove to the north to Pemutaran and Lovina, saw the Dreamland beach in the south and enjoyed the fantastic food, weather and quality of life.
I'm still in the middle of this trip while writing those lines, my friend left back home to Kiev 2 days ago and I'm heading up to Ubud in a few hours, to work a bit on my pictures, have a photographic-rest (which I hardly believe to really happen
😜) and spend some time with my local friends who live there. There's no next plan so far, no destination, except the fact that I'll have to be leaving before April 22nd (Visa) and being in Switzerland for my next contract by beginning of Mai.