Have you ever experienced this magic moment of meeting a perfect stranger in a remote place,

far from your home and you just started a chat... until the end of the day or even the night.

Sometime you even spend a few days together, talking, laughing but more, SHARING! 
Sharing experiences, memories, stories and even some things you didn't even tell your best friend. You see what I mean?

The BFFAD project is exactly based on that principle. During my trip, my travels, the places I visit, I meet fascinating people and characters, all with their particular stories and anecdotes, so why shouldn't we immortalise those moments with pictures?

The following portraits are all taken in places I visited since June 22nd 2016, and I really hope this energy and fascinating moments will never ends.

THANK you ALL, for having been a piece of my life, a piece of my memory and thank you even more for the trust of telling your secrets, your stories and just being you as my Best Friend for a Day!


happy homeless/traveler/photographer