meeting people in the real world and spending time with them, has a value that I wished to share with you through this gallery. 


the first BFFAD on this journey


It all started when...

I met Anna in Istanbul, the "Lara-Croft-like-travel-photographer" from Hamburg told me about how much she likes meeting people along her way, sharing an afternoon or a day with someone met here or there and enjoying him/her like they would know each other for ages. Sharing experiences, rebuilding the world and enjoying the simple pleasures of a friendship, like having a best friend, but just for a day... or maybe for life, after all... 
"the BFFAD concept" started with the only wish to spend unforgettable time, with unforgettable people for the simple pleasure of being human, sharing respect, being curious about life, about others and discovering cultures.
I am starting almost every day with this simple thought:
"today, I'll have a BFFAD" and just let the magic happens.
Until now, I met amazing people from Istanbul to Singapore, Bali to Bangkok and Phuket, as well as Vienna or Marseille...
Thank you all for those fabulous moments!