From Zurich 🇨🇭 to Valencia 🇪🇸  


Step 1 - where it all started... June 20th, Zurich Airport.
My luggage is on his way to the Swiss plane to Valencia. I'm sitting, drinking my traditional coffee, my backpack at my feet.  My thoughts are confused, I'm not sure about my choice of traveling now. After the events occured in the last months, I hardly see clear for the moment. But one thing is sure, I need to do something and whatever it is, it will have loads of resources for the next chapter.
I decided to go to Valencia to see my buddy Nico and his dog Chanel, who live on the sea side, in the south of the beautiful spanish city. The atmosphere is simply fabulous and what better than friends to help redesign your life. 
From now on, all is to be done, in photography as well as inspirations for my future trainings.
Once there, I had the pleasure to be introduced to Melissa, my friend and customer niece, who accepted to shoot some pictures in the "casco" (city center of Valencia) and on the beach, with the very kind help of her mother, very creative and funny. After 10 memorable day and new refilled batteries, the question was, where to go next...