Constanta, Romania 🇷🇴


...the next step (Step 2), Constanta to visit someone I like a lot, a great soul and she told me so much about her city, that I decided to spontaneously go surprise her and see. 
You know what? I was simply amazed about a huge contrast to the image we have in western Europe, how wrong we are with our biases and that you only find the true world by seeing it yourself. People are so nice, so friendly and the food tastes just so... yummy! 

And take your time, once you're there, to walk down the streets, observe, breath, smell, stop by a small coffee shop, talk to the taxi driver, ask people you meet about their culture, their food, their history and what they simply like, there's no better way to feel home anywhere you'll stay.
Multumesc! (thank you in romanian)