Traveling the world is not only about having fun on a paradise beache in Thailand, or in rice fields in Bali, it's also, or even more, meeting people, learning languages and culture, observing other's behaviours. Based on it, we provide a large choice of pictures and experiences.

Are you looking for coaching, team building and personal development?

Are you looking for pictures to enhance your house, office or illustrate documents and presentations?

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Due to the nature of this travel, you'll understand that the only way to keep in touch is by mail, so if you want to drop me a line, don't hesitate to use the form below and in case you don't get an answer within 24 hours, don't worry, I'm certainly somewhere in a mountain full of funny monkeys trying to grab my solar creme out of my backpack, but I will send you an answer as soon as possible, promised!


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