I always loved to watch dancers moving and was impressed about their ability to look so light and agile, even in complexe situations.
When I decided to catch them with my camera, I realised how amazingly interesting it is to combine the knowledge and technique of photography, and the understanding of that precise moment, where feet, hands, eyes, head, face expression and emotion, must be aligned to create this "moving-still" picture. It tells a story, it shows an action, you almost feel the air moved by their bodies, but it still looks so peaceful and quiet... Dancers are simply the magicians of movements.
So, if any of you, landing on this page or crossing my path around the world for Makasii, have any connections with dancers, dance school, ballets and opera, I'll take anything as long as it can enhance this page, this project and maybe allow new interesting interactions...

Never give up and dance!

© Dancers by Olivier Pagès - project "Shoot'n'dance"