It all started when…

I was traveling through Asia, taking pictures and learning more about filmmaking.

I met many amazing and inspiring people, changing their lives for many reasons, trying completely new way of life, learning through, from and with others... Traveling offers millions of opportunities and challenges, the step of changing one's life can be very easy, very hard, very exciting, sometime painful, but it's always worth it, the lessons you learn, the experience you get are of so much more value than all the money you can get. 

The inspirational Talks series of film, will tell you about people I meet here and there, about their triggers, about their motivations and about what they discovered. Many were just best friends for a day, but are now those friends you're excited to see and meet again, because they just enrich your life.

It's all about connection, learning, discovering, taking risks, accepting challenges, going the wrong way to find the right path. Step out, create, innovate, learn, use all the resources while you can...

Thank you so much for being part of the adventure!


Episode One:

Krisna and his hand built lenses for smartphones

Episode Two:

EVIA Skull - Traveling artist...