Istanbul - Turkey 🇹🇷


Step 3 An other destination I never thought I would see in a near future, but what I saw here is really fascinating. I chose to come here because I just found out in Constanta, that they have direct flights between the 2 cities and the price was attractive, so, why not giving it a try.
I just arrived 4 hours before the riot. I mean, the one the press was talking about and the one we almost didn't feel. Ok people went down the street with their flags, honking and shouting but it didn't feel more than the day after a victory in a soccer game to be honest.

Istanbul itself offers an amazing variety of perfumes, tastes, colors, nationalities, cultures and traditions. The simple fact that you can see this elegant Russian woman with her sophisticated makeup and her fancy dress, crossing other women wearing a Burka and that it just looks totally normal, makes it fascinating. And contrast like this in this huge city, are legion, especially if you get in a cable car and go further than just where all Saudis and European tourists spend their money, in the real Istanbul...

And this is where I, for the first time, discover the concept of "best friend for a day" from Anna, an american fellow photographer based in Germany. I just love her idea of enjoying time with a stranger 150%, as you were best friend, for ONE day, as if you knew each other for ages, no matter if tomorrow you'll stay in touch or not, just for the pleasure of ENJOYING a real good moment. Thank you so much, Terima Kasih Anna!