Marseille - France 🇫🇷

Step 11- after Dubai, Vienna and Zurich, I was looking for something new, something different and as I had to stay around Switzerland to get back for my next contract, I accepted the kind invitation from friends in Marseille, to discover a city I simply didn't know at all. 
The experience was fantastic. Geraldine and her 3 daughters are absolutely adorable, kind and very interesting. From art to travel, countries to people, all the subjects we shared were rich and fascinating. 
We met hitch-hickers and spent a day with, along the coast. Went for a walk to the sea shore, shared some good french and asian food. Talked about photography and painting (Nora, the 2nd daughter has a fabulous way of expressing herself through drawing and painting, as well as photography).

Merci pour ces moments inoubliables