So far, I'd like to say a personal thank you to Jenny and PaoloKayEtienneJanaAndri, Samuel in Zurich for your valuable support after the "accident" and for believing in the project, your support and most of it, your amazing friendship.
To you NicolettaKimberleyDanaAnca, for making me discover Romania and changing my mind about it!
Anna in Istanbul and your amazing art, I so much enjoyed having  you, as you said, as a BEST FRIEND FOR A DAY (and please, make something out of it!!! it's a brilliant concept).
To Todd my buddy photographer in Singapore, for a great time and I hope 8 more years of friendship, even out of facebook!
To the beautiful Daria for fabulous moments in Singapore and hopefully others coming.
Alison and Kimberly in Ubud, my "so far" beloved Yoga teachers!

Tigana and Ketut the best drivers in Bali.
Eve and Anders from Sweden, you both were a sunshine in my trip!
My amazing Gigi who made my trip in Bangkok a beautiful time and more than just a BFFAD "it's my rice... it's my riiiiice". Yuy with her "baby, I like your style". Kat in Phuket with an unforgettable smile as she came out of the kitchen. Russel in Phuket for a day on the beach, talking about life. The 3008 team in Mondsee for a fabulous week...(last update 2016 oct. 15th)