What is it like to be a Digital Nomad

The question about how a digital nomad lives, comes in many talks I shared with people met during my trip in the last 2 years, so I decided to write about it.

It all started in 2006 as I decided to be independent as a photographer and communication trainer, and to work as a freelancer. 4 years later, after considering many options, such as home office, working in shared spaces and travelling, I then moved from Zurich Switzerland to Valencia Spain and spent 3 years, working and leaving between Spain, France, Austria and Switzerland, mainly working from my suitcase and a backpack, full of gear and gadgets.

in 2016, after a bigger "life accident",  I realized it wasn't enough and my thirst for adventure and curiosity about the unknown opened new doors and opportunities.

I took a flight ticket to Romania, then Istanbul, followed by Singapore, Bali and Bangkok, within 6 months. Discovering all those new countries, cultures, people, habits and traditions made me realize that my life wasn't worse losing time in a grey office.

It's now been 2 years I live my life between Europe and Asia, shooting stills and videos, learning as much as I can about others and sharing it with my participants in communication training I provide everywhere I can (for car companies, camera companies and international businesses).

Working on the go means being very flexible as you must work on a plane, a hotel, a bar or a restaurant, shooting in every situation, observing and being able to integrate what you learn in all your future work. it also means to deal with every kind of loneliness, talking to perfect strangers, being open to ask in every way, even when you don't speak the language.

But do I imagine going back to my previous life? the answer is clearly NO. It's so addictive to travel, to sit in planes, trains, buses, cars, bars, restaurant, hotels, with new friends, old friends, sharing meals and talks until late in the night... I'm totally grateful and please don't tell me I'm lucky because it was a choice, with all its sacrifices, risks and challenges and I'm not cleverer than any of you reading this. I just took the opportunity and am building the best I can, the life I dream about. 

life is all about making choices and truly believing in what you do and wish... AND NEVER GIVING UP :-)


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