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Step 7As the temperature and humidity was way to important for me in Bangkok, I decided to move down south for a few days and enjoy the sea, the beaches or at least - considering it still was the raining season - the landscape.

I spent a week in Patong and Rawai. The weather was definitely not what I expected about Thailand, but as a photographer, I had to learn to do the best out of every situation. It was a very interesting trip, discovering the night life in Patong, the beaches and the very quiet atmosphere of Rawai at this time of the year, its bars, beach restaurants and people.

I will get back in a better season, to see the islands and the sceneries. But what I can always recommend, is the street food and the contact with the locals, like a Thai Rock Concert in a night club, a spicy dinner with Thai whisky and beers  or simply playing pool in while enjoying a Mojito with smiling and friendly people.