march 2017

Step 14- The adventure continues after almost 2 months in Europe for work and administration stuffs. The map shows more than the Makasii project but lot less than what the objective is. It's been years since I decided to live like I do today and so far, there is no regret at all. 

Many questions are still open, about where, what and how's next. The doubts I had at the very beginning, almost a year ago, are not all vanished, but some of them are. The biggest open point is: what will be the real purpose of this trip, what will I do out of it. Very frankly, it now doesn't really matter, the experience itself is already rich enough to be enjoyed and appreciated. The people I met and will meet everywhere, as well as those I plan to see again, represent a huge motivation. Discovering more cultures, more languages, more places, understanding how people live here and there: this is what I'm looking for.

in 2 days, I'm boarding again in the Emirates A380. More pictures, more stories, more discoveries, but one thing I will still be missing, is you...