Bangkok - Thailand 🇹🇭


Step 6 after a month in Bali, my visa expired, forcing me to go to my next destination, what a difficult choice... To be very honest, Thailand never was a destination of my choice and precisely for this reason, I decided to change my mind and see it with my own eyes.
As I'm writing those lines, I'm already in Bangkok for a bit more than a week and even if the air is totally suffocating during the day, the night life and the atmosphere in Sukhumvit 11, where my hotel is located are a good enough reason for me to take my time around. 
It's been a while I have been in a place where I face the language fence as strong as here, even using body language and signs makes it a challenge. But observing this world evolving, passively, just as a spectator, makes the stop worth it. People are mostly very nice and friendly and what I really appreciate, when staying at the same place more than 3 days, the locals start recognizing you, talking to you, smiling at you, like you'd probably experience in our old western Europe after a year or so (not everywhere - but those who know me, know what I'm thinking, right?) :-) 
The world is my home, it's how I feel at the moment... 

ขอบคุณ (thank you) :)