Step 13- Back again to Europe for some professional activities in the car industry. Spending a few weeks in the cold for administration purposes and making some money, before flying back again to the adventure and discoveries of our amazing world.

I always enjoy less coming back in the "modern" world. It's very interesting to see how people get more and more isolated in our society, hidden behind or even, in our smartphones and computers. We talk about "social networks", but are somehow always less and less social. Don't get me wrong, I am not judging or criticising, but more trying to understand why we so much need to spend time online, following others instead of joining them. Why do so many need to insult and provoque online, although they wouldn't do it face to face, isn't that coward? Wouldn't it be easier by helping, complimenting, supporting? I don't get the need of violence and aggressivity, animals do it when they feel danger. Which danger do those people feel then? 

The time spent abroad showed me that the level of respect is very different from country to country, the level of happiness too and they both are not proportional to the amount of money earned or material possessed. 

I am very thankful about the huge opportunity I have today, to meet so many fascinating people, discovering amazing places, spending time in such incredible countries. The sacrifices that leads to it, are more than worth it and leaving out of a suitcase is the most beautiful decision I ever made. You, reading this now, if you wish to discover the same and never tried, just do it, even if it's only for 3, or 6, or 12 month... You will definitely see your whole life differently as you'll come back... If you ever do, come back 😋.