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Makasii is the short way of saying THANK YOU in Bahasa Indonesia. 
The idea behind the project was to travel and tell Makasii to the marvellous people met and for the amazing time spent together.

But we quickly realised it can be much more, like finding a new way of life, new ideas, concepts and inspirations.

Being digital nomads, allows us today, to travel and work, to create and share with you those  moments and experiences.

What we now provide, are solutions for you and your business, such as:

- Inspirational Talks (films and events)

- Best Friends for a Day project - photography training and events

- How to live as a digital nomad and traveling the world (travel tricks, recommendations, inspirations)

- Trainings, coachings, events, photography and films about the project or about how to improve your visions and inspirations.




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